Computer Vision Engineer

United Kingdom


About us

Disperse is a VC-backed artificial intelligence construction startup focused on improving on-site productivity with the help of computer vision. Our goal is to ultimately re-imagine the way building projects are planned, delivered and operated.

We're currently working on some of the largest building projects in London (e.g. Renzo Piano’s Shard Place, Wood Wharf) and have grown from 5 to 35 people over the past year. We have ambitions to expand significantly, which means that we are looking for passionate and enthusiastic talent to join the team.

We move at a high speed, and will provide you with immense opportunities for initiative, creativity and leadership. Our proudly diverse, international team is based in London, Sarajevo and Yerevan, and has a wealth of experience from construction management to computer vision and robotics.

Your role

We are looking for a highly motivated and passionate Computer Vision Engineer to join our growing team. Someone who is excited at the prospect of applying deep knowledge and expertise to shape the future of the construction industry and to have a direct impact on productivity.

As part of your role, you will collaborate with our Computer Vision scientists and the wider Engineering team to both use and craft state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to creatively solve real-world problems in the construction sector. You will be given lots of responsibility, driving projects which could involve implementing cutting edge algorithms and integrating these into our workflows and core software.

If you’re eager to apply Computer Vision and Machine Learning to real-world problems and would like to work with a world-class team of researchers and engineers, this role is a superb opportunity for you.

Our culture

Ask anyone at Disperse what they love most about working here, and they'll probably tell you "it's the people!", "the team, of course", "the people and the Hedwig owls in the offices".

As clichéd as it may sound, we're very proud of the people we have and the close-knit, family culture we've built across London, Sarajevo and Yerevan. Despite the distances, we're united through the passion with which we approach our goals and the fun that we have along the way. We always look out for each other, no matter what. The following should give you a good idea what type of culture you'd be joining:


You should apply if:


The process

The interview process will involve:

  1. A review of your application;
  2. A 20-minute chat where we both can learn more about each other;
  3. Homework assignment for us to get a sense of how you tackle problems;
  4. Two rounds of on-site technical and cultural chats with the team. If you are not currently based in London, we would be happy to speak with you over video chat;
  5. Final round to iron out any remaining questions you may have.

This process should take around two weeks, depending on diaries.

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